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SPYRO ERP works with ORACLE technology

Oracle technology

Coming up with a key move is not a question of luck or intuition, rather it is the result of studying and analysing all possibilities. It is choosing the best of all the options after an exhaustive collection of data and an appropriate and adequate interpretation of same. This is what allows SPYRO applications to be able to take management decisions.

Business Intelligence

Tool for management and reports for the company management, focused on providing help to the company Directors in the analysis of information, assisting in decision making for the purpose of developing business strategies.

It consists of a set of analytical tools and Balanced Scorecards that allow the reading and interpreting of company data, converting them into relevant information.

It is totally modular and includes  different cards of different departments as standard:

Oracle Databases

» Oracle application services

A suite of application platforms  that offers all middleware services necessary for greater response capacity in light of changing business requirements. Includes a J2EE applications' server and capacities for business portals, identity management, business intelligence, business integration, fast development of applications and wireless services.

»Document Management

Allows you to digitalise, index, associate, organise and share all types of information for file maintenance and internal communication of companies, by means of a powerful solution for the electronic management of documents: