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Spyro Group

Information about SPYRO company an its ERP.



We are a creative and integrative solutions company which enables the optimised management of business processes for industry, trade and services, striving for maximum customer satisfaction, self-actualisation of our personnel and the profitability of shareholders.


To be a clear reference point in the market with regard to both IT management solutions, with a high level of customer satisfaction, and with regard to total overall quality.



The SPYRO Group manages Policy and Strategy, in accordance with the process of Strategic Planning, documented and managed via ERP SPYRO. The established objectives are displayed, via the processes, to the whole organisation by means of the annual PG. The Normalised Systems provide support to the processes and guarantee the display of requirements within the Organisation, all of which supports the design and continued suitability of the organisational structure in order to respond to the axes and strategic objectives.

From this point of view, the leaders of the SPYRO Group adapt the organisational structure to support the implementation of the Policy and Strategy of the Company, having carried out changes and organisational adjustments progressively which, at each moment, have been necessary to facilitate an improved response to the development of objectives.


The management of partnerships is aligned to our vision and achievement of their strategies thus providing greater value to our customers.

This approach is expressed in the development of partnerships with international organizations,  impacting on any of the following areas: